The stream that runs from house to chalet in Pointe Navarre. Raspberry branches are being soaked for basketry.

Only a few places left for the 2017 retreat.
These happy gals say hi hi h hhhheh heh heh heh
The greens are  already flowing over.


This will occur on the Tuesday of our retreat, and it will be an excellent opportunity to invite some locals to a public listening event on the property! Stay tuned for more details about that.

We are so much enjoying getting ready for the Deep Listening Retreat.
Our quail seem very happy, giving delicious eggs every day.

IMG_0729  IMG_0860
Dan has just made a bigger, more comfortable house for the turkeys.
IMG_0865I tested it to make sure its as comfy as could be!
And here is the baby turkey’s joyous song as they inhabit their new home. It feels so good to see them so happy! video clip here

Gardening is so much about listening… to the earth, and to how things want to grow. I’m learning so much from this. I also feel that gardening is really choreography, deeply connecting to the body and how to navigate space. Planning spatially, and working with contingency. Here is a little fence I built of excess apple branches. It will hold the climbing nasturtiums, and hopefully deter the chickens from snacking on the delicious arugula and radishes to come!

Today, we tilled many fields, and planted many seeds.
IMG_0885   IMG_0891


Very big woodpeckers here in this part of Quebec.
We have been harvesting birch sap, a traditional spring health tonic. Boiled down to a syrup, it has a complex and wonderful taste.
Apple branches are cleared, and used to make garden fences or kindling.
Our all-weather greenhouse is already in use.

I am stocking it with rotting wood, compost and topsoil by hand.
It is already producing salad greens that will be ready to eat by early June.
More bees are coming soon.
Spring onions are coming up already.
We received 10 quails, 6 laying hens and three turkeys. I’m happy they are already comfortable enough to lay eggs.
I had no idea what beautiful songs turkeys have. These girls can really sing!

bringing wavy sitting stones for the freshly dug pond

Camping spots have been prepared in intimate settings.
There is one outhouse and two solar shower sites.


Star woofers Marilou and Louis-Philippe are creating campsites that are both beautiful and practical

african beehive

homemade african beehive


woofer Guillaume made a bridge over the stream






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